Crime Stoppers Files Letter In Harris County Federal Case Raising Concerns With Public Safety

Crimes Stopper of Houston filed a letter with the federal court in Houston raising concerns with the proposed Consent Decree. You can download the letter by CLICKING HERE. The letter is signed by Andy Kahan who is the Director of Victim Services and Advocacy. Mr. Kahan asks the Court to deny the proposed Consent Decree.

Mr. Kahan raises two main points. First, the letter says that they will be impacted by the proposed settlement and that the revolving door of release is having a substantial impact on public safety. Second, Mr. Kahan argues that the judiciary is unwilling to exercise any discretion in considering public safety.

Further the letter references the brief filed by the District Attorney’s office. This is important because at the time the Crime Stoppers filed its brief, the D.A.’s brief had not been filed. This indicates that there was a certain amount of coordination between the district attorneys’ office and the Crime Stoppers’ letter.

The letter does not raise any legal arguments.

Overall, the letter brief adds little value to the discussion on whether the proposed Consent Decree should be approved by the Trial Court. This is the first of many amicus briefs that will raise the issue of public safety.

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